Every Parents Challenge

Okay so my friend called me up the other day and told me his girlfriend was expecting. Obviously i congratulated him, he muttered something and i asked what was wrong. I’m having twins!. Wow. Now that’s big and i completely understand his mixed reaction.

I could offer him only practical advise as that is what we guys do. You see i work in advertising and one of our clients that we’ve recently taken on is a baby stroller retailer. One of the strollers they offer is double strollers. Basically these are offered for parents with infants, toddlers who are of a similar age, size and of course twins would fit into this category very well. So i said to my friend, hey when they reach about 8 months why don’t you grab a jeep double umbrella stroller? These are basically the best umbrella strollers on the market, or if he wanted to he should check out some double umbrella stroller reviews

To be honest he’s taking the news well, he’s working hard to get a promotion at work and they are both saving hard for a deposit on a house before the baby arrives. Have you readers got any stories about having twins or have any friends who have recently found out they are expecting twin? If so drop me a line below and we’ll cover it.

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Going High Tech With Plumbing

Recent developments in micro camera technology have had a big impact on the plumbing industry. Lets provide an example. In days gone by a plumber would be called to investigate a blocked or leaking pipe. If the blockage or leak was not immediately apparent the plumber would nned to follow the pipe back to find the source of the problem. The trouble with this methiod was that the peipe was often buried underground or pavement and often ran under buildings or street. So as you can imagine this often proved to be a costly and time consuming exercise.

But now the game has changed. With the development of micro cameras the plumber can now send a remote controlled camera into a pipe which is fitted with a light, recording device and is also able to relay images back to the user in real time. This allows the plumber to pin point the blockage or leaks precise location and eliminates the need to unnecessarily dig up earth or pavement to find the source. This is both time and cost effective. The technology was first used by manchester plumbers in 2010 to great effect and was then adopted by plumbers all over the United States the following year.

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